The SHM has established a highly acclaimed Publishing Department which strengthens our connection to our priceless tradition. This division is comprised of two tracts:

The first tract disseminates the teachings of the sages of Syria and other Sephardic countries, through printing their previously unpublished works. A team of dedicated scholars painstakingly study, decipher and analyze the manuscripts of our hachamim, thereby preparing them for print. In its brief history it has produced close to thirty volumes, with plans underway for many more.

The second tract of the Publishing Department studies the history of the Jewish communities of Syria and how they successfully transplanted themselves in this country. It produces books and pamphlets that bring to life the Syrian Jewish Communities and their precious legacy for the public.  One of its most successful endeavors is its highly acclaimed volume about the history of Aleppo: The History of the Jewish Community of Aleppo Through the Mid–Nineteenth Century. As its title suggests it tells the important story of the celebrated Jewish community of Aleppo.

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