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As part of its efforts to preserve the unique legacy of Syrian Jewry, the Sephardic Heritage Museum researches the legacies of individuals and families upon request. Once an individual or family has been selected, members of the museum’s staff roll up their sleeves and painstakingly study their topic. This includes combing the vast archives of the museum for documents, letters, articles, pictures, diaries and eulogies and transcribing what they have learned.

To aid them with their work the staff of the museum also works in close contact with the family of the subject, whom often render invaluable assistance by providing the staff with important pictures, information and other family heirlooms. Once all the information has been gathered, an article is produced from this precious data and professionally laid out as part of a beautifully designed booklet, replete with pictures, documents, letters and the like.

This exciting project serves as a bridge between several generations and their ancestors, as it connects them to their lives in Syria and the early days of the Syrian community in the Lower East Side and Bensonhurst. They learn of their ancestors struggles and how they thrived despite the great challenges; serving as an inspiration and guide in their personal lives.

To find out how you can have such a project produced for your family, please contact us at the Sephardic Heritage Museum rsultan@theshm.com.

Examples of Our Work

Dr. Joseph Ades Family

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Chabot/Levy Family

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