The Sephardic Heritage Museum has undertaken many important and successful initiatives in its mission of preserving our precious legacy.

These include restoring rare texts and artifacts; renovating and repairing the ravaged Great Synagogue and graves in Aleppo; educational programs that bring Sephardic history to life for students; publishing unique texts for use around the world; showcasing Museum artifacts in synagogues and cultural centers; and rescuing our Jewish brethren in several Middle Eastern countries.

Education initiatives

SHMLearn is a unique digital Sephardic history resource bank and turnkey educational approach for students in grades 6-12. Our educators have created a full curriculum, digital lesson plans, and educator workshops, based on our 7-part documentary film series. 

Family legacies

As part of its efforts to preserve the unique legacy of Syrian Jewry, the Sephardic Heritage Museum researches the legacies of individuals and families upon request.

Documentary Films

The SHM produced the acclaimed series of seven documentary films that trace the journey of the Syrian Jewish community from ancient times through the 1990s. Nearly 300 interviews with members of our community chronicle the stories of life in the Middle East to the shores of America.

Document Preservation

The Museum has collected 50,000 documents, more than 600 manuscripts, hundreds of books, letters, and more, which are being repaired, restored, and translated for future generations. 

Cemetery Restoration

With conditions having deteriorated in Syria over the past decade, we have undertaken the holy work to restore the Great Synagogue of Aleppo and its cemetery, as well as repairing and restoring Jewish graves around the world.


The SHM has established a highly acclaimed Publishing Department which strengthens our connection to our priceless tradition.


The Museum has been working to save the lives of Jewish families in the Middle East that were in grave danger. Rescue efforts have been undertaken to save families who were trapped in Yemen. 

Traveling Exhibits

To ensure that our collections reach as wide an audience as possible, and to share the relics of our Sephardic history, we have designed traveling exhibits that will visit schools, synagogues and community centers. 

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