Episode: 3          Lesson Plan: 3


  • Students will be able to understand how the Syrian Jews continued their traditions in America.
  • Students will be able to describe the recreation of the Syrian community in Brooklyn.


“The Syrian homes are all known for their hospitality.  By being hospitable, by having Shabbat, by having holidays; this is what suffeh is about. Suffeh in Arabic actually means orderliness, but it’s so much more than that.  It’s about having a sense of peace in the home.  So that never changed.”

– Poopa Dweck

“The weddings were such a different thing.  You were at the hall.  At the end of the ceremony, everybody got either a little box of candy or a little package of lebes, you know, lebes is the little hard candy, and “Good luck everybody and good-bye.” And that was it- received every package at the door. Nothing else- no food.  If you were having a party, it was in a home.  Very nice weddings.  Simple, easy.  No problem.”

– Gitta Sultan


SHMLearn’s resources include photographs, artifacts, documents and more from the Sephardic Heritage Museum’s archives.